4 Tips to Follow POST Fistula Treatment

4 tips to follow post fistula treatment

An anal fistula is an abnormal channel formed between the anal canal and skin near the anus, resulting from an intestinal infection or abscess in the anus. Fistulotomy, the surgery to remove the abscess, lets the infection to heal and closes the abnormal channel. Post-Fistulotomy, complications can be avoided with the help of the right diet and lifestyle.

While it generally takes two to three weeks to recover, the time taken to heal may also vary from person to person depending on their strength. Initially, for the first two weeks, you will likely have some pain and bleeding with bowel movements.

You may notice small amounts of pus or blood oozing out from the opening of your fistula; which is normal in the post-surgery days. If necessary, you can put a gauze pad over the opening of the fistula to absorb the drainage.

Due to the pain you experience, you may try to avoid passing stool which can result in severe constipation. Meanwhile, pain medications used after surgery can also have constipating effects.

Here are four effective tips to recover from Fistulotomy:

  • By having enough fibre and fluids, you can make your bowel movements less painful.A high-fibre diet that involves fruits, vegetables and whole grains is to be essentially followed post-surgery, since they ensure easy digestion and contain lots of water which helps in drawing water into the stool from intestines, which would ease the passing of stools.
  • Fluids are another vital element that needs to be incorporated in your diet. The more fluids you have, the lesser are chances of constipation. The doctors are right when they say to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. However, drinks alcohol and caffeine must be avoided since they can have a dehydrating effect.
  • Take as much rest as you can since sleep is one of the best ways for recovery and gives your body time to heal. Walking is also another effective way to help your body recover. Try walking everyday a little and increase the steps a bit from the previous day. One should have regular sitz-baths to reduce pain and heal the treated area.
  • Of course, medicines are essential for recovering from Fistulotomy. You need to be careful with them and take as directed by the doctors, even antibiotics if prescribed, and observe if you are having side effects due to it and report it to the doctor.

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