5 Types of Foods to AVOID if you are suffering from Hemorrhoids (Piles) 

Hemorrhoids (Piles)

You may have heard or read that you should consume certain type of foods if you are suffering from Hemorrhoids (Piles) but here is the list of foods that you should boycott. The pile patients also take care about not to eat which also help them to recover fast and easily. Following are the food types that cause hemorrhoid to flare up and cause discomfort.


  1. Junk Food –

You should avoid junk food if you are suffering from piles. Junk Food is harmful and can worse your situation. It contains a very low amount of nutrition. It also contains a lot of fat which is unhealthy. Fat mostly takes longer time to digest that other nutrition.

Junk food may leads to digestion problem as well as constipation.


  1. Spicy food –

You may get confused as some experts says that spice does not causes hemorrhoids but if it is swollen then you should not eat spicy food until the pain goes away. Excessive spice may also cause loose motion and can create a lot of discomfort.


  1. Dairy Food –

 There are some dairy foods which have less fibre and that can cause constipation. Piles are caused by constipation and can create a lot of discomforts. You may consume milk products in day to day life which is good for health but while suffering from piles you should completely avoid such product. If you are consuming milk which is low in fat then it may increase constipation and pain.


  1. Bakery Food –

You may here surprise to see that bakery product also to avoid if you are suffering of piles. Bakery products such as Cakes, Pastries, Bread, and Puffs etc. contain sugar and high in fats. Fats generally not get digest as fast as other nutrition’s. Fibreless dairy products are must avoid by piles patient.


  1. Beverages –

Drinks such as alcohol, energy drinks, tea, coffee and caffeinated product you should avoid if you have piles. Piles patient are already dehydrated and caffeinated products are the major cause of dehydration. Consume such items only when you are fully recovered.


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