How is Ayurvedic medicine treatment for Piles?

Piles is also known as Hemorrhoid disease. In piles, the vascular structures of the anal canal, which help in stool control, become inflamed or swollen. It can be internal or external. Although, most of the time, the symptoms get healed in a few days, still it is very much painful for the sufferers’, especially the external piles. Besides, piles can reoccur frequently if not treated well.

A majority of people are embarrassed to talk about piles if they have it, they suffer silently. Although anyone can get piles, most of them are aged 50 and above.  Piles can be treated by surgery, but it is more costly and painful as compared to the Ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurveda approaches piles from many angles. Ayurveda includes lifestyle, medication, herbal supplements, diet, exercise and massage. Ayurveda deduces that a leading cause of piles is an imbalance in the functioning of the digestive system; hence a major part of the Ayurveda treatment is centered on the digestive system. Some of the treatments at Vedamrut are as follows:

The Ayurvedic Ksharsutra Therapy is one of the most effective way of treating piles. The kshar sutra is a medicated thread. It is coated several times with latex, alkaline powder of Achyranthus aspera. The kshar sutra gradually cuts through the fistulous tract from the apex to periphery. The kshara are anti-inflammatory and antislought agents and can do chemical curetting. Patients can resume their daily routine even 3 days after the treatment.

 Two most important herbs used in the Ayurvedic treatment for Piles are Jimikand and Haritaki. Changes in the diet lifestyle are suggested by Ayurveda; like moderating the diet during the treatment period, adding fiber, mango and sesame seeds, fruits like dried figs, amalaki, jambul etc. even some vegetables like turnip, radish; while avoiding starchy foods like brinjal, potatoes etc.

Some other remedies include applying Ayurvedic oils like kaasisadi, nirgundi externally; applying papaya juice with mustard oil; a mixture of turmeric and neem powder with aloe vera juice is also recommended. At Vedamrut Ayurvedic, Thane; Piles is treated holistically and successfully with this Fistula treatment in Ayurveda, and other remedies. A big advantage is that the treatment is painless, natural, and you can avoid the complicated Surgery and its costs.

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