What are the ways to prevent Piles?

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A vast majority of the people feel embarrassed to talk about Piles, when they contract it. It is understandable, as they have to deal with the swelling of the vascular structures of the anal canal. So what to do about it? As the saying goes ‘Prevention is the best form of cure’, so it is better to implement this than to repent later. Let us go through some tips to avoid piles:

      1. Exercise:

Besides the other things, exercise also helps in preventing Piles. Even a moderate exercise, like taking a walk for 20-30 minutes is sufficient.it keeps the muscles in shape. It will stimulate your bowels and keep you regular.

  1. Go when you need to:

This is a very simple task, but many people ignore it. It is only when you need that you should go to the washroom, there is no point in going there and straining the gut muscles to do it, that exactly increase the chances of Haemorrhoids.

  1. Don’t turn the washroom into a library:

That also means, you should not go there so regularly as to spend more than required time in the washroom. The more time you will be in the toilet, more you will strain for bowel movements, and straining is something which you should totally avoid to stay away from piles.

  1. Eat more Fibre:

Fibre should be a regular part of your diet, as it is very important to keep the gut healthy and prevent constipation. The foods high in fibre are broccoli, bran, carrot, beans, fresh fruits and whole grains.

  1. Drink more water

It is essential for you to keep hydrated regularly. Water forms about 75% of the healthy poop. It greatly helps in healthy bowel movements and avoiding constipation.

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