Sitz bath for Piles: a wonder remedy to relieve pain

sitz bath for piles


Piles is a disease which gives the sufferer a lot of pain, that too on a regular basis; as we all go to the washroom every day. To make matters worse, the sufferers chose to bear the pain in silence than feel embarrassed to talk about it. There are quite some solutions to cure piles, some of which need medical attention, while some are home remedies.

                One such remedy is ‘Sitz Bath’. It has been proved to be effective in piles treatment. This name is derived from ‘Sitzen’, a German word meaning ‘To Sit’. In this type of bath, only the buttocks and hips are soaked in either a saline solution or in water. This remedy is recommended mostly to those patients of piles who have undergone surgery, but others who want to ease discomfort from fissure, prostate, bladder etc. can also do it.

                 Among the many ayurvedic treatment for piles, sitz bath is simple and effective. Take an appropriate sized tub, fill 8-10cm of warm water in it. You can add salt or alum powder if the doctor has advised. Sit in the bath for 15-20 minutes. After that, use a soft towel to clean the affected area gently. It is recommended to do this procedure many times a day for maximum benefit.

                There might be dizziness for some patients after this procedure, for standing up, hence, here the presence of another person is recommended. Apart from this, there are just no other issues with sitz bath. It is one of the most harmless piles medications. Do wash your sitz bath tub after every use and dry it completely.

                In one way it can be said that, sitz bath is better and cheaper than using any ayurvedic medicine for piles. Sitz bath promotes healing, reduces swelling and eases the discomfort. No doubt, it is referred to as a wonder remedy to relieve pain.

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