How does stress initiates piles!

Piles Treatment

                Stress is something which has been much debated upon in the world. It is a physical response to the happenings around us. Up to a certain level, everyone acknowledge the presence of stress as positive, as a motivator to do things, as a counter measure against procrastination. But after that level, and for a longer duration, stress can be very much harmful to us than we can imagine.

                Stress begins mostly when we are under pressure, whether physically or mentally. If it becomes chronic, or it continues even after the reason for stress goes, then it starts affecting us physically too. Some effects of that can be headaches, viral infections, digestive problems etc. and these digestive problems become a reason for the onset of Piles in us.

                Stress also has the ability to directly affect our muscles. When the vascular structures in our anal canal come under stress or strain, they become swollen, thus causing piles. In this fast paced world, more people are living under stress than before. Our lifestyle has become such that improper eating habits, no fixed time for eating, late night eating, sitting at a table for whole day, all have become common.

                Because of such lifestyle behaviour, our digestive system, our hormones are altered, and the digestion speed fluctuates, a lot of pressure comes on our intestines. This creates problems for a good bowel formation and bowel movements, which in turn, leads to constipation. All of these issues greatly contribute to getting piles.

                Now, there are many piles treatment available in the world, including Ayurvedic treatment for piles. Even treating stress, exclusively, is possible now; which can be on our own or by a qualified doctor. Although treatment for piles are available easily now, it is always better to take preventive measures and stay healthy in life.

                One such way is to avoid stress completely. Taking challenges positively, tackling situations effectively, having healthy eating habits, which include following timetables regularly, doing meditation to relieve stress like mindsets etc. all such things can go a long way to avoiding piles and related problems.

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