What is the difference between Fissure and Piles?


Most people think that if there is any pain in their rear, it could be Piles, but a few of them realise it can also be a fissure. Truth is that they don’t know the difference between these physical conditions. It should be known to them the exact problem for their pain; as there are different treatments for piles and fissure.

                Most people have a hard time getting the difference as there is not much variation in the symptoms of these two; and who likes to see at the affected area for so long? One thing is that Hemorrhoids are present in every person, it’s only when they get enlarged that they are seen.

                When you get Fissure, you will get to know about it soon as it involves pain, which only increases during bowel movements. The more force you exert more will be the pain. Mostly it reduces and stops after you are done with this daily activity.

                In Piles condition, which is divided into two types – internal and external hemorrhoids, pain is generally less, sometimes it can also be painless. But it has a higher chance of bleeding. The weakening of cushions of tissue in rectum makes the skin to fill with blood and blow up.

                Thus, in a fissure, there are small tears; while in piles, blood vessels are involved in the injury. There are many causes of fissure and piles. Constipation, Diarrhea, by the insertion of an external instrument, heavy exercise etc. they can affect people of all ages, especially after the age of 50. Bright red blood streaks are seen while in the toilet, even on the stools, this happens mostly in piles and seldom in the fissure condition.

                Some other symptoms of these two conditions can be similar or confusing. The best way at such times is to visit a doctor at the earliest and get treated in time. Specialists in this field are best equipped to give an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Today there are good ayurvedic treatments for piles and fissure.

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