Jal mean water and ouka means housing place. In this technique, animals having water as their residing place are applied on the affected part, which are the Leeches. They are specialised annelids with suckers. They can be poisonous or non-poisonous. They can be half inch to even ten inches long. The leeches suck only the impure blood from the body and leave away the pure blood, so it can also be called as a blood purification therapy.

If the leeches start sucking the pure blood, the patient starts feeling pain. They either use a proboscis to puncture your skin, or their three jaws and millions of little teeth. In the case of thrombosed haemorrhoids, this technique is very much effective. This technique is less expensive and short time treatment.

Steps for application of leech:

1. Purvakarma (before procedure):

  1. Proper bathing and cleansing of the patient.
  2. Purification of the leech by pouring them in water mixed with turmeric powder.
  3. Cleaning of the operating place and the operating skin of the patient with turmeric water.

2. Pradhanakarma (main procedure):

  1. . Application of honey or by making an incision or a needle prick at the desired site so that of blood is produced and the leech attaches to the wound / incision quickly.
  2. . Bring the leeches head to the areas to be treated. They must be applied in good numbers to the affected areas.
  3. Cover the leeches with wet cotton when they start sucking blood.
  4. In around 30 minutes, the leeches should stop sucking the blood. Remove them with salt or turmeric powder if they do not come off by themselves.
  5. The same leeches should be applied to the same patient next time.
  6. Check the clotting and bleeding time of the patient.

3. Pashchatakarma (after procedure):

  1. Induction of emesis to the leech by dusting the turmeric powder in its mouth.
  2. Sometimes press the leech from the caudal to front for proper emesis.
  3. Then put the leech back in the fresh water containers. They should swim swiftly and then settle down.
  4. Examine the patient’s affected area for any local infections.
  5. Any minor wounds can be washed and cleaned with any honey and bandage.