This technique is milder as compared to the surgery and thermal cautery. Kshara is a caustic chemical obtained from the ashes of medicinal plants. This treatment is important because it operates even in places difficult to go by other techniques. There are various mods in it. It can be externally applied or internally; and the intensity can be changed from mild to high.

Kshara has many properties, as it is made from the drugs, it is sharp, hot, and does cauterizing, splitting and digestive actions. It has cleansing, absorbing, heating and scraping properties externally, and internally it kills poison amadosha, worms, kapha dosha, obesity and skin diseases.

The advantages of this technique are:

  1. No bleeding.
  2. No chance of any recurrence.
  3. Mild postoperative pain.
  4. No formation of stricture.
  5. Just one day care level of hospitalization.

Some minor complications which have to be noted are, negligible bleeding, a blackish-brown discharge for 5-7 days and mild pain for a few days.