(Injection therapy for treatment of hemorrhoids)

What is Injection therapy?

Injection therapy or sclerotherapy is one of the oldest forms of therapy. It involves giving injections of certain solutions at the base of the hemorrhoids. The solution that is infected causes scarring & prevents further prolapse of the hemorrhoid.

How is done?

This procedure is an out door patient procedure & is performed without anesthesia. A viewing instrument (Anoscope) is inserted in to the anus; the hemorrhoid is located a solution is injected around the base of the hemorrhoids.

It Sclerotherapy effective in all type and stage of hemorrhoids? .... No,

  • Sclerotherapy gives best results only in first degree piles/hemorrhoids and some second degree piles / hemorrhoids
  • It is not very effective in large or third degree hemorrhoids / piles or prolapse hemorrhoids.


In experienced hand sclerotherapy rarely gives rise to complications. Improper techniques while administrating the injection usually leads to complications i.e. if the injection is given too superficial or too deep or at the wrong site it creates complications like necrosis, pain, bleeding, stricture, hematuria etc.


  • It is comparatively simple procedure which requires no hospitalization.
  • Is fast acting
  • Patient can resume his daily routine almost immediately.

Due to limited indication & availability of other modes of treatment sclerotherapy is less frequently used today.